Dedicated to the memory of those lost.

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Project Coordinator:
David Marsland
62 Birdsall Street
Greene, NY 13778

Your contributions are tax-deductible!
Make your check payable to the City of Binghamton, put 'ACA Memorial Fund' on the memo line of the check. Send your check to:
ACA Memorial Fund
City Hall
38 Hawley Street
Binghamton, NY 13901

Join us in thanking our donors!

Lee and Yum

A special thank you for
their generous donation
of $60,000 for the
central column.

Johnson City

Monument Company

Millennium Pipeline Co.

Sacred Heart Ukranian Church

Price Chopper/Golub Foundation

Giant Markets of Binghamton
$4,000 to sponsor a bird

Mission Statement and Goals

The ACA Memorial Park Fund was formed by members of the immediate families of those who were killed on April 3, 2009. The goal of the Fund is to create and maintain a memorial park in the downtown Binghamton area. We have built a greenspace with a central monument to honor the people who lost their lives in the April 3, 2009 tragedy, as well as those who survived, and the community that responded.
A plan was developed to secure property, establish funding, and construct this memorial park. The Committee at the core of this planning has completed the process of contacting and organizing civic and private organizations to put this plan into action and the project is in its' final stage of completion.

Accomplishing the Goal

The basic steps of the plan were to finalize the site, establish funding for site design, broadcast the design to the larger community to generate further support, complete funding, break ground, complete the construction and finally, maintenance.
Siting – A site existed that is owned by the City of Binghamton. The southeast corner of the intersection of Clinton and Front Streets was offered by the City of Binghamton and was used as the site of the monument. 
None of the participants in this project, including the City, desired a result that cannot be maintained at the level of attention that the devastating aspects of the tragedy demand. Therefore, we continue to engage with the community to develop long term resources to allow us to implement the most important design constraint of a memorial: longevity.
Design – The architectural firm of BCK Architects and Engineers, PC,  was engaged to prepare the site design. This process involved preparing drawings and rendering of the design proposed by the families, in order to allow sponsors to view the completed project, and choose aspects of the design that they would like to fund. The Raymond Foundation provided some of the seed money to fund this design and formally launch the park as a project.

Campaign – The design was completed and major pledges were obtained, and a broader campaign to fund the entire park has been underway since 2010. Hundreds of sponsors have donated time, money and materials to bring the project to life.

Many area employers, retailers, organizations and foundations have become supporters of the project. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Our fundraising efforts have raised nearly $217,000!

Complete Funding – At this stage we have accomplished our goal of underwriting the costs of the project and can finalize the construction schedule. This goal was attained in March of 2012. Thanks to the entire community!
Bid Project – Bidding was completed in September of 2012.
Ground Breaking – The Committee completed raising 100% of the estimated project cost and broke ground in October of 2012. Construction was completed in the Spring of 2013.
Maintenance – Ongoing maintenance of the park will include changing plantings in the garden, grounds-keeping and snow clearing. Some of this important work will be done in partnership with area groups and organizations to reduce the burden on the City.
Donations to the Memorial Park Fund after construction is completed will be used exclusively to help underwrite the maintenance costs of the park.

Site Features:

A grecian-style column sheared off (‘broken column’). The granite column is extended by a cast glass column which will be illuminated at night.
13 plaques with the names, nationalities and birthdates of each of the people killed, arranged in a circle around the column on granite stands.

13 artisan-created figurative birds in flight, 15 feet above the pavement and illuminated.
Benches for strollers or people who wish to contemplate the memorial.
Garden to surround the column and stones.
The final design is intended to include features that evoke a feeling of renewal combined with a deep respect of the loss that was suffered.
The vision of the families is to create an environment that is respectful, but not coldly somber.