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The central monument is a broken granite column, a symbol of a life cut short. It is set in a circular bed of dwarf evergreens, and on granite stands around the base are mounted thirteen plaques giving the names of the victims, and communicating to the visitor something about them and their individual stories. Out of the stone column rises a column of heavy cast glass, lit from within.

Thirteen abstract hand-made glass sculptures of birds, like a startled flock just taking flight, are set around the circle of the plant bed. The birds are held some 14 feet up in the air on metal tubing, twisting upward as if following the flight path of the birds. Each bird is illuminated by special LED strips mounted along the wings and body, making them visible floating in the air at night, and sparkling through the trees when viewed from the River Promenade on the opposite bank of the Chenango River.
Original Architects' Renderings of the design:
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